The Repertoire

Kontusz dances

The kontusz suite is an evocation of old games and dances performed at noble courts and magnate palaces. These dances are the polonaise, kujawiak, mazurka. Guests are welcome to join the polonaise. Ladies are also invited to join the old polish beads stringing competition with prizes. Artists wear kontusz, which are exact copies of those used in the 16th century.

Mazovia Region

These are dances and songs with elements of Chopin's music (mazurka, kujawiak, oberek) as well as folk customs and games which engage the audience to play together (chochoł devil). These are costumes and songs from the regions of Mazovia sung with guests – “Kukułeczka”, “In the green grove”. It is an old Polish competition of snapping of “szamotulski” whip for men and a joint polka dance with our guests.

Cracow Region

Dances and songs from the vicinity of Krakow. It is a lot of fun with the original Lajkonik and full of verve and temperament dances - krakowiak, polka and trojak. There is also a very funny “shaking of a duck” competition with prizes for women and men and “walczyk” from the vicinity of Krakow danced with guests.

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Christmas Concerts - Christmas Carols

During the Christmas season, we offer you a concert of the most beautiful Polish and foreign Christmas carols and pastorales. Sung for four voices / 4 singers plus 4 musicians / they sound beautiful and professional, and the cast of performers can be enlarged depending on the needs. The group's repertoire includes such carols as: „God Is Born”, „Poor And Quiet”, „Hey Shepherds To The Shed”, „Oh, Little One, Little One”, „Silent Night”, „Jingle Bells” and many others and of course, they are performed in original kontusz costumes that were worn by the Polish nobility in the past centuries.

Rzeszow region

In development.


Highlander dances and songs

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