The Offer

Through the appropriate selection of the repertoire, costumes, games, dances and songs sung together with the audience, as well as using national elements, we are prepared for performances for foreign tourist groups, business and integration meetings as well as performances for all kinds of celebrations and special events, that you wish to organize (harvest festivals, festivities, anniversaries, wedding receptions, etc.).

During the Christmas season, we also offer you an evening of the most beautiful and popular Christmas carols performed by the “Polski Łan” group, and during Lent, we recommend religious songs related to this period of time.

At your request, our performances can be conducted in English, Spanish and French.

Depending on the order, we perform with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 dance pairs – and a band of three or four musicians (accordion, violin, clarinet, double bass).

Performances for tourist groups

We have been performing for tourist groups from all over the world for nearly twenty years. We perform our show in five languages and our repertoire includes songs from every corner of the world, which we sing as a surprise for our guests in their native language, while presenting traditional Polish hospitality.

Everyboby having fun, many competitions and folk prizes, it will all make for great memories from the trip organized by your office.

We are looking forward to working with you.

Business and integration meetings

Folk music and dances can make for an interesting accent at many scientific conferences, integration or business meetings.

We offer a method that has been proven by us for many years to create a friendly and unique atmosphere of a meeting. The ceremony ended with our performance may be the next stage of a successful celebration or integration event.

We are waiting for an invitation!

Festivals, harvest festivals, special events

“POLSKI ŁAN” successfully performs at special events throughout the country.

Our performances, which refer to folk tradition and culture, are an inseparable element of events such as festivals, harvest festivals and various special events.

We look forward to working with you.


If you want your wedding to be unique and long remembered, we suggest adding splendor to it with our performance.

During the wedding ceremony, “POLSKI ŁAN” performes ”The Wedding with Tradition and Fun” program, which will certainly remain in the memory of the bride and groom and wedding guests.

Our dancers in colorful, original folk costumes will be happy to join you in joint commemorative photos.

It is a unique opportunity to have an interesting souvenir from a wedding party.

We are waiting for an invitation!


The offer is aimed at all those who intend to organize a wedding reception.

Our artistic program that we had prepared especially for this occasion, which we have already performed at many events of this type, always receives applause and appreciation from our guests.

This is a new and very interesting proposition which can be an important element of a successful and unforgettable wedding. We perform in two parts, about 20 minutes each, in costumes from the Krakow and Mazovia regions.

Active participation of guests in our performance is a trait of our program, as they dance, sing and compete in old Polish competitions with attractive prizes with the bridal couple always being the focal point of our interest.