About Us


Founded in 2005 by the artist of The State Folk Group of Song and Dance ‘Mazowsze’ Zbigniew Jasiński who invited professional dancers and musicians to cooperate.

In its repertoire the group “Polski Łan” has some daringly performed Polish national dances like: the Cracovienne, The Kujawiak, the Mazurka, The Oberek, the Polonaise and the Mazurka by F. Chopin as well as folk dances and songs from various regions of the country. Original and beautiful costumes and traditional folk instruments emphasize the nature of the songs and dances performed. Dancing, singing and many joyful competitions will take the audience to the colourful and enchanted world of Polish folklore.

When a man starts a polish dance

Curls up his mustache, stamps his foot,

His chest grows, hey, Sir!

Starts to feel fresh and blissful…

In 2019, the group “Polski Łan” gave a total of over 220 performances, throughout Poland (mainly in Warsaw) for organized tourist groups from around the world. Our performances in 2019 were watched by over 20,000 viewers from many different countries.

According to the tour leaders cooperating with us, we present the highest artistic level. In our team we employ only the best musicians and dancers.

We invite you to cooperation!